Poetic Justice Group at MIT

Poetic Justice Group at MIT invites us to participate. Beginning this weekend, the group will be presenting a new participatory public artwork titled A Counting Boston-Cambridge at MIT Museum. We are invited to participate by counting to 100 in a Croatian language. Sign up here and have your voice and name (optional) featured in the artwork.

A Counting is a series of software-generated sound and video works that are live streamed over the phone and online. The editions are composed of crowdsourced counts to 100 with a different voice and language for each number. After one count ends another starts with different people and voices. Starting in 2019 with New York City, we’ve been collaborating with local art spaces and communities to create ongoing site-specific editions for Boston-Cambridge, Ogden, Omaha, St. Louis, and Houston. You can listen to the New York edition which features over 100 languages at 917-905-6647, watch it here, or read more about it in the New York Times. All editions are free and accessible to the public within the hours of the gallery and 24/7, both over the phone and online.