Here you will find information regarding donating to NEFC. You can contribute to NEFC by clicking on the donation button on the right, submitting your information and donating an amount suggested for annual tax deductible contribution. We always welcome additional tax-deductible donations according to the tax law.  Click the "Donate" button on the right side of the screen.
For additional questions or tax-deductible donation receipts, please email to 
[email protected].
We appreciate your support.

“Moja porodica i ja smo jako sretni i zadovoljni da imamo Hrvatsku zajednicu u Bostonu. Mi idemo na skoro sva društvena događanja i naš sin pohađa Hrvatsku školu. Bez ovih druženja, bilo bi ga puno teže naučiti o Hrvatskoj. A kroz Hrvatsku zajednicu smo upoznali i neke od najboljih prijatelja u Bostonu.”

Marin Soljacic, Ph.D.
MacArthur Fellow
Assistant Professor of Physics, MIT, Cambridge

Annual donation schedule follows the June 30th of the current year to the June 30th of the following year. Contributors enjoy benefits of free access to selected events such as Spring and Fall Picnics, the Boston Harbor Tour, and discounts for other events such as the Annual Christmas Dinner.

Suggested annual contributions: students $25, seniors $25, individuals $35, senior couple $40, couple $70, families with kids under 18 yrs $100.

NOTE:  Any contribution to NEFC, due to its non-profit status, is partially tax deductible.

  • Unique programs for people with interest in Croatia and its culture. This community is focused on developing links between individuals and families, students and professionals who are originally from Croatia, or are interested in Croatia's culture and current events.
  • Invitations to our social and cultural events, debates, lectures, seminars, and sporting activities that NEFC members will be organizing.
  • The opportunity to organize an event or activity of interest to you.
  • The opportunity to promote Croatian culture.
  • Opportunity to build additional programming for a larger donation