NEFC support programs of interests to its members.  Originally, due to urgency of the war, the Croatian community was very active in humanitarian efforts supporting people and programs in Croatia and in the US. In fact many of our founding members have hosted families from the war torn areas of Croatia and Bosnia.  Since the war in Croatia ended, the community has somewhat shifted its focus.  While still involved in humanitarian efforts (we made donations to families in need of medical treatments in the US as well as sent a donation to a Croatian community near New Orleans that was affected by Katrina.)  Nowadays, we focus our programming on helping new immigrants in the Boston area as well as spreading the word about Croatia among our American community. To date, we have organized on our own or collaborated with other organizations to hold a variety of different programs — from social events, cultural, language, and political gatherings or religious and sporting programs.

Social Events:
Include annual Fall and Spring Picnics, Christmas Dinner, wine tastings as well as special occasions.

Language Program:
NEFC is a proud sponsor of the Croatian School of Boston — an independent non-profit educational organization whose main purpose is to teach and perpetuate the Croatian language, culture and tradition respecting the multicultural structure of both Croatian and American societies. For more information,

Cultural Program consists of the film program, music program and lectures:

Film: We have collaborated in the past with the Doors Art Foundation and the Coolidge Corner Theater for a Croatian Film Series. We are currently working on the 2012/13 program.

Music Program: NEFC has been collaborating with Pajdasi, (“buddies, friends”) for several years. This is a Boston-based tamburitza band and chorus. The group has been passionately learning and performing Croatian village and popular folk songs and dance tunes since 2002. Pajdasi has performed at various NEFC social events and NEFC is proud to sponsor the group which loves any opportunity to start up a drmes or waltz. For more information, visit:

Lectures: we have coordinated and promoted various lectures in the New England area with the topics connected to Croatia. Stay tuned for upcoming dates.