NEFC call to action: Help Zagreb First Responders!

To Friends of Croatia,

As you know, Croatian capital Zagreb was struck by a powerful earthquake this morning local time, Sunday 3/22. There are numerous reported injuries and severe material damage, particularly in the Zagreb old town. First responders from Zagreb and surrounding cities, together with civilians and Croatian Armed Forces have immediately sprung into action to mitigate the effects of the quake.

Because of the wide spread damage as well as the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, the first responders are quickly using up their personal protective equipment (PPE) and rescue material, and obviously need more immediately to be anticipated COVID19 spread.

We need to act now!  

We ask that you help by donating to the GoFundMe Campaign – all proceeds will go directly to the Zagreb first responder community:

Thank you from Zagreb’s first responder community!

And the New England Friends of Croatia