URGENT request for a donation for a family in need

A Croatian couple with a special needs teenage daughter moved from Florida to Massachusetts back in March, to place their daughter into a local residential program for special needs kids. They arrived just before the COVID shutdown, when all processes abruptly stopped. The family found themselves in no man’s land, with school admissions closed and unable to find an apartment to stay long term, as most real estate offices are still closed. Rapidly spending their savings on motels and without proper medical support for their daughter, they have been struggling greatly to find a way to establish some kind of a regular special needs kid support/working/living situation. Please join us in our efforts to help this hardworking good people in tough circumstances with the following:

–       We helped them with a temporary living solution for a while, and are now raising funds to help their depleted financial situation, so they are able to have a required initial double rent and a security deposit available to rent an apartment in September. We hope you can donate an equivalent of at least one night of stay in a hotel, to recover their needed used-up savings.

–       We engaged as much as we could to help the family navigate through complicated medical and professional social support for autistic kids, especially challenging during the Covid crisis, and would greatly appreciate any assistance with this time-sensitive issue.

–       The family is looking for a very small apartment or studio in Brockton, starting Sep 1st. Please let us know of any available places, or if you have any connections in the area.

–       Please help us find temporary/occasional work for the father, skilled in mechanical work, plumbing, painting, dry-wall installation and home-repair work. He may be going back to his regular overseas job when it resumes, so any help with work until then is greatly appreciated.

–       The family is from the Sibenik area and the father is branitelj. Join us in providing social and other support for this wonderful family, momentarily in acute need to ensure a place to stay in our area and somehow stabilize.