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NEFC organizes programs in harmony with its mission and its members’ interests. To organize quality programs we depend on people who are passionate about Croatia and would like to learn or teach about Croatia. Here is how you can become a member of our team and get involved:
  • become a Board member (only 3-4 meetings per year + occasional conference calls)
  • attend an occasional potluck dinner for a small group of people, hosted at a member’s home
  • assist in organizing or hosting occasional events
  • create ideas for new programs
  • give a tax-deductible donation

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Board of Directors:

  • Mirena Bagur, President
  • Ariana Zelic, Treasurer
  • Peter Ames
  • Boris Erceg
  • Jasminka Friedman
  • Dado Grabovac
  • Petra Gospodnetic Bignami
  • Irena Matulic
  • Bozo Polich
  • Biserka Ralic
  • Emily Ralic
  • Dragomir Ralic