Call to Action: Campaign for Dalmatian Firefighting

Dear friends of Croatia, 

As you probably know, the unprecedented fires that affected Dalmatia, most recently in Split, Šibenik, Hvar, and Makarska, have been fought with the great hearts and will of Croatian firefighters, volunteers and many people who supported them.  It has been a very successful grassroots effort, but despite that the limitation of equipment and resources have hindered these efforts. The work continues, and the area seems to be secured now, but the damage is far beyond imaginable. (More information below…)  Dalmatia needs monetary support to help the affected people and to buy or update firefighting equipment for the future.  Thus, we ask your support – please consider donating toward these goals. No donation is too small.  The New England Friends of Croatia not only helps collect your donations, but also matches your contribution from our funds, and sends money to an appropriate institution in Croatia.

Please click the “donate” button (you do not need a paypal account, just a credit card) or mail a check (written to NEFC, note-Dalmatia):  NEFC, 27 Wheeler Rd., Westborough, MA 01581.

On behalf of Dalmatia, puno hvala!


Background on the situation in Dalmatia:    

It is not possible to assess the economic impact of the fires, but two things are clear: people who lost their homes need help, and the firefighters’ and emergency institutions in entire Dalmatia need more people, more equipment and more organization.  The reason seems obvious – Dalmatia is the most dry and hot region in Croatia, and the number of people in the summertime, due to visitors, requires a contingency plan based on that number, not just the number of year-round residents.

While the support network in Croatia is working on taking care of people who had to leave their homes, and relief efforts are underway from many other Croatian towns who are sending not only their firefighters, but also food and water to be strong enough to battle the “dragon” as they call it, the economic impact on the country will have a longer-term affect if Croatia does not immediately show the world that it is ready to deal with its own emergencies in the peak of a tourist season, tourism being the #1 revenue contributor to GDP.


A bit of history — at New England Friends of Croatia, a not-for-profit organization created in 1991 to help Croatians in the homeland and in the States, we take pride in assisting Croatian people and the country achieve the best they can be by supporting various programs in various counties.  We have conducted fundraisers for goals ranging from funding the flooded areas to assistance for people being treated in Boston hospitals, to supporting sports organizations or cultural groups.  We have previously sent funds to either specific organizations or to the Red Cross or Caritas, when they created specific relief efforts. We are currently in touch with the firefighters and grass-roots organizations in Split and other Dalmatian towns, and will nail down the specific organization and location to send the proceeds to within a few days – after they convince us that the donations are going where they are really needed.

In the meantime, please click …